21-year-old singer/songwriter Doreen Grimes from Coonagh, County Limerick has a soulful voice and has played the piano from a young age.

Speaking about her musical influences, Doreen said: “My grandad had me listening to jazz like Etta James so I love that and I love R&B like John Legend, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé and Tina Turner, I love all the divas. My mam always listens to 80s music. My Granddad paid for piano lessons when I was five and I think my Mam and Dad thought I would play it for a few months but they couldn’t stop me, I was addicted and I was singing all the time. I am singing all my life, I went to Spotlight Stage School like many a Limerick person and now I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to support X-Factors Saara Aalto at the upcoming Limerick LGBT Pride Festival 2017 Climax Party at Dolans Warehouse on Saturday, July 15!”